While the death was being treated as unexplained

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July 10, 2014

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Hermes Belt Replica Barnsley's Kieffer Moore (left) and Burnley's James Tarkowski (right) battle for the ball (Image: Dave Howarth/PA Wire)Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersBarnsley have Replica Hermes been dealt an injury blow ahead Hermes Handbags of Tuesday night's clash with Albion.Moore, who joined Barnsley a year ago, has 18 goals to his name and will miss this weekend's clash with Hermes Belt Replica Wycombe Wanderers and next week's visit Hermes Bags Replica from the Brewers.The 26 year old has fired Daniel Stendel's side to second place, six points off Luton Town in top spot.Read MoreAll your latest Albion news"He will not be available this weekend. We have given him a bit of a time off due to the nature of the injury," assistant head coach Dale Tonge said."We are following protocol and it is a case of following that two week window and then we will assess it as we see fit after the two weeks."It is a head injury, so we follow the rules and guidelines behind that and the medical staff are dealing with that."He has quite a few days off. He will be in today and has been fine Hermes Belt Replica.

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